Recent Grants

May 16 2017

Programmatic support to increase the capacity for autism services for families from Forsyth County on Medicaid.

Sep 28 2016

Funds on behalf of Elaine Matthew's service to the Health Care Division Advisory Council for the financially needy

Dec 22 2011

Operating funds to increase physical activity, improve nutrition, reduce obesity, hypertension, and diabetes, and promote community engagement and support of health for youth, adults and seniors in West Greenville.

May 10 2012

Operating funds to implement a community centered prevention program utilizing community health coaches to provide care navigation services.

Oct 20 2015

Programmatic funds to develop an interdisciplinary clinical pharmacy and primary care support program for low-income, uninsured individuals diagnosed with both behavioral health issues and diabetes in Beaufort County (Healthy Places NC).

Oct 20 2015

Operating funds to increase access to insurance and care for low-income individuals in Pitt, Greene and Beaufort counties.

Sep 27 2016

Operating funds to continue engaging a Latino assister to enroll immigrant communities in Affordable Care Act insurance plans.

Nov 2 2017

Programmatic funds to support coordinated care for the uninsured in Greene, Pitt, Martin and Beaufort counties.

Jul 16 2015

Capital funds to purchase surveillance and electronic entry equipment to monitor campus activity .

Apr 8 2011

Operating funds for support for indigent HIV+ populations at Holly Haven Family Care Home.