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The Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust invests in its grantees’ ability to create and encourage positive change within their communities’ health and quality of life. Interesting and informative news releases are a communications tool that nonprofits can use to generate positive interest in their work and to increase impact by sharing information regarding their work. It is important to provide clear and accurate material for the media.

The following guidelines are meant to help you prepare a one-page press release announcing your grant. There is an example on the next page for your reference.

  1. The lead, or opening sentence, should directly state the news you are sharing in a nutshell. Focus on the grant’s overall purpose, not your mission statement.
  2. In the second paragraph (most paragraphs will only be one or two sentences) you should add context. What is the larger problem being addressed/ solved? This is also a good place to list source(s), the dollar amount(s), and the duration of funding.
  3. The quote: think of a few lead people from your agency who can best explain why people should care. You can ask one or two people for quotes and then choose the one who answers using clear, everyday language.
  4. Successive paragraphs should include additional detail and background, such as the project’s impact or objectives. It is appropriate to use the official background or project language, if it is clear. Keep it simple.
  5. Please include the standard paragraph on the Trust, provided below:
    The Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust was established in 1947 and is now one of the largest private trusts in North Carolina. Our mission is to improve the health and quality of life of financially-disadvantaged residents in North Carolina. The Health Improvement in North Carolina program area supports community-wide health solutions across the state. The Local Impact in Forsyth County program area fosters equitable and sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life in Forsyth County. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. serves as sole trustee.
  6. The final paragraph should be your organization’s standard language.
  7. Revise, spell check, and revise again.
  8. Last, write a clear headline that summarizes the main point of the article. It goes above the article, but it is easier to summarize once everything else is written.

Before you submit to your local paper, look up their submission deadlines and determine which editor or author focuses on issues that your organization’s project will address.

Please send an email request if you are interested in using the Trust’s logo. If you have questions about writing or distributing your press release, contact Nora Ferrell, the Trust’s Director of Communications, at

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