Trustwide Strategic Intent

For more than 65 years the Trust’s pursuit to improve quality of life and health for financially needy residents of North Carolina has evolved and been strengthened by embracing impact-driven, focused work. Our intent is to practice philanthropy with three trademark qualities—the work will be targeted, dynamic and focused on learning and growth. Work exhibiting these qualities will provide the best opportunities to achieve meaningful impact, and we hope to use these qualities to shape our practice in the coming years.

Focused Philanthropy—We will invest our resources where we can have unique, significant and long-lasting impact. We know that we must make critical choices about which locations and entities to support. Our funding strategy will be defined by concentrating half of each program area’s grant funds on a cornerstone effort.  Most of the remaining dollars will be used to respond to proposals that address funding interests, in the Health Improvement in North Carolina or the Local Impact in Forsyth County program areas, where we believe the Trust has the ability to stimulate meaningful impact.

Active Philanthropy—We believe that we can accomplish great things through grantmaking, but we can achieve even more by engaging in active philanthropy beyond awarding grant dollars. This work will include:

  • Connecting with other funders
  • Partnering with community organizations
  • Supporting capacity building (e.g., leadership development, governance, management and program outcomes)
  • Convening those interested in the eight societal issues we have highlighted through our core funding areas
  • Advocating on behalf of the most vulnerable and those who serve them

Learning Philanthropy—We support the need for all individuals and organizations to continually learn, grow and adapt in order to be successful and have impact. We are committed to measuring efficiency and efficacy and to being a learning organization that continually incorporates ways to do our work better. Furthermore, we will share and discuss what we learn about our work and its related societal issues because we believe iterative learning can help advance impact across issues.

Photo courtesy of Halifax County Convention & Visitor's Bureau