Impact Overview

The Trust is committed to improving the lives of financially disadvantaged North Carolinians, whether they are individuals, children, families or entire towns. Our day-to-day work is about making their day-to-day lives better.

We believe in investing in strategies, projects, organizations and communities that can demonstrate how their efforts create change or how their work contributes to the change they wish to see.

Improving quality of life and quality of health for low-income residents of North Carolina is our mission, and to accomplish that mission we will:

  • Invest with focus
  • Support initiatives that encourage systemic change
  • Employ evidenced-based programs
  • Build the capacity of the groups we support

We believe that these methods best fit our current work and that they are areas in which we have developed our knowledge and experience. Getting here has been a process, and we hope to continue learning how we can be the best possible stewards of the resources left in our care.